Pick 3 Lottery – Winning and Losing

When it comes to lottery systems of all types, most financial directors frown upon. In many cases when you speak to friends and family about playing the lottery on a regular basis, you will find that they are not exactly overjoyed with the prospect of you cashing out the big bucks. This type of thinking is only going to be the type of thinking that will have you quitting before you hit the jackpot, so don’t let them ruin your fun. Take note, that if you want to be one of the few people that have won pick 3 lottery consistently without recourse, you’ll need to take our first piece of advice: do not let anyone stop you from buying lottery tickets.

The notion of winning and losing is something that you’ll need to come to grips with early on. You’ll find that the first thing that you’ll taste is the loss of a few dollars. The cost of the ticket will set you back a variable rate, but it will be something that you need to come to grips with early on in your path towards making serious money. This is not stated so that you lose a great deal of money, and you never win, it is stated because you can’t give up hope if you’re not seeing big bucks after a few tries.

Tenacity is going to be a great thing to have when starting your quest to making serious money with picking lottery numbers. Try to bounce back from losses by playing your lucky numbers on one ticket, then purchasing a secondary ticket and picking a set of numerals that are different from the other ticket. By keeping one set of numbers solely for business, and one for pleasure, you will create a balancing act between the odds of winning and losing that will help over time.

Picking numbers needs to be something that is not taken lightly for your serious set of digits. Take time to choose your three digits carefully and do not go forward with “lucky” number patterns like 777, 666, 555, or anything along those lines. It’s a true rarity to see anyone win big money from numerals that are “famous” for being famous.

The easiest lottery to win is the pick 3. The reason for this is because there are repetitions that can’t be avoided, and the lottery companies know this all too well. There are even repeat winners that have been mentioned in the news, all of which have a “system” to winning that they will not reveal. Could it be that they have simply found the repetition to be true? If so, you can exploit the same thing they are exploiting, and you can win big too.

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