Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are answers to questions that we are frequently asked by our current and prospective clients.
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Q:Does the system REALLY work?
A: Yes, if you follow the steps and strategies within the system, you will be able to learn how to put the odds in your favor time after time playing the pick 3 lottery.
Q:Is this system just like every other system out there?
A: No! This is a completely original system created by Chris Malcolm to find the pick 3 winning numbers. This is not a website clone or somebody else's system. You cannot find this information anywhere else on the internet.
Q:Is this system complicated? What exactly do I have to do?
A: No, this system is not complicated at all. As long as you can read and follow directions you will be ready to go. The system requires you to pull up some past results from your state lottery, use the step-by-step system, and simply play the numbers. It's a very easy and straight forward system.
Q:Do I receive this product in the mail or over the internet?
A: You will receive the product directly after payment. We ensure immediate delivery after payment has been confirmed.
Q:Can I pay by cashiers check or money order instead of paying online?
A: Yes! Simply e-mail us at for instructions on how to pay by cashiers check or money order.
Q:What if the system doesn't work for me?
A: Simply ask for a 100% refund. I back my system completely by offering a 100% refund to any customer that is not happy with the results.
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