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 I Love this System 
"I love this system. It's so easy to follow and makes me a winner week after week. I've never been so excited to play the lottery before. Amazing information!!"
Jeanine Coron from Virginia
 Excellent System 
As I was cruising the net yesterday looking for info on Roulette, came across your web site for winning at Pick 3, I have to say I was skeptical. Anyway, I purchased and downloaded the program.

After taking some time to review the concepts (thanks for making it simple by the way) I researched our provincial lottery archives for recent numbers which occur MOST frequently within the last 30 to 31 days and found that the number 3 was drawn the most. Following your system to a tee I ran down to the local lottery retailer with the number groups provided in your eBook for the number 3, and played all 36 combinations in a straight/box combination.

I just checked my tickets at the Western Canada Lottery Corporation web site , the pick three numbers for last night June 14, 2008 were 309. MY NUMBERS HIT!!!!! Just as your system predicted! I am now $660.00 richer! Your system just paid for its self 20+ times - you got to like those odds!

Total investment $72.Total Win: $660.00

Big Props to you my friend, thanks Chris!
D. from Alberta, Canada
 Great Strategy 
"I've been playing the Pick 3 for over 15 years with little success. With your system, I've been able to win for the last 3 months. Great strategy."
Leon Carter from Birmingham, AL
"You name it.. I've played it.. scratchers, pick 3, pick 4, megaball, poker.. I love them all.. This is the first time where I actually feel like I have an advantage over the lottery. Don't give this info to that many people please!!"
Brian Horon from Michigan
 System is Amazing 
"The Pick 3 System is amazing. I never thought of the lottery this way, you really opened my eyes to what you can really do with a plan and a little direction.. thanks buddy!"
Jack Morrison from Memphis, TN
 Highly Recommended 
"Chris is one of the best experts winning in the lottery games - SPECIFICALLY in the Pick 3 game! I highly recommend Chris Malcolm's courses"
Ace Lee - Lottery Expert